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March 2019
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Tips for an Enjoyable Experience

1) Keep breathing

It sounds simple, but most clients tend to hold their breath without even knowing it. Blood delivers oxygen to muscles, allowing them to further relax, your breath can help increase blood flow, especially when your therapist is working in a particularly tight area. If you feel a little discomfort, taking a deep breath at that moment will help you relax, and help your therapist work through those areas.

2) Practice Open Communication

Communicating through your session is completely acceptable. Do not be shy when you need to have pressure adjusted, or if you want to readjust your body on the table. You can trust that, I, your therapist, wants you to have the best massage possible – if you have concerns throughout the session, I welcome this discussion.

3) Extend your session

You may be enjoying your session so much that time flies by, and before you know it, the massage is over. Remember you can always extend your session if you don’t want the bliss to end.

4) Consistency is key

By booking consistent massage, there is no better way to take care of yourself and feel this good! Consistent massage will help build your immune system, increase your energy, and create a ripple effect of health across your entire life.