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Hi, I’m Cheryl Brennan

I have been navigating the field of health and wellness through massage therapy for over 21 years. I care deeply about people and their health. With attentive consideration, I listen to the needs of each client and with compassion and sensitivity, I develop a specific treatment plan.

My mission at CBD Massage Oviedo is using my super powers to help you feel your best. I am passionate about massage and driven to get you ultimate results. Massage is known to have numerous benefits, coupled with CBD oil, the experience is doubly therapeutic. Also, in the comfort of your own home.

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Our Services

We offer multiple sessions at a discounted rate to help
make your wellness plan more affordable

Swedish Style Massage
$6060 min
Customizable full body relaxation massage. Excellent treatment for general stress relief or minor aches and pains. Complementary aroma therapy may be added to your experience if desired.
Deep Tissue/Sports
$7560 min
Targeted and specific myofascial techniques will be used to manipulate the muscles on a deep level. This style of massage will release trigger points, improve range of motion, break up scar tissue, and can relieve chronic pain.
Medical Oncology
$7560 min
Focused on the needs of the cancer patient. Techniques will be used by modifying standard massage therapy in order to safely work with the complications of cancer and cancer treatments.
CBD Massage
$8060 min
CBD Oil will be used throughout the entire full body massage. Advanced massage techniques will be applied to the problem areas.
CBD Combo
$9060 min
For clients looking for the ultimate pain relief experience, the CBD Spot Treatment will be combined with the CBD Massage Service. CBD oil will be used throughout the entire full body massage as well as CBD balm applied to specific areas of discomfort.
Add on: Reflexology
$4030 min addon
Using your feet as a map to correspond to specific areas of the body, foot reflexology releases tension and congestion from all areas of the body and promotes optimal organ function. Combining this powerful treatment with CBD and nourishing essential oils aids in reducing pain, inflammation, and erase away the day’s stresses.

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